Shipley Exotic Pet Store in West Yorkshire

Predators of Shipley showcasing our exotic Caiman Alligators in-store


Located on Commercial Street, Predators of Shipley is centrally located and is a popular exotic pet store in West Yorkshire.  We have many pets on display such as our two Spectacled Caimans along with our Albino Bermese, and Costal/Jungle Carpet Pythons.

Our exotic pet stock covers all your dry goods needs as well as having a diverse range of lizards, snakes, tortoises and spiders.

Headed by Matthew Hunter who has over 20 years experience with reptiles, Matthew is happy to share his knowledge with people new to the hobby and those with more experience.  

If you are new to exotic pets, why not take a look at our Starter Exotic Pets for the beginners or read more on our exotic pet caresheets.  You can take advantage of our Exotic Pet Boarding when you go on holidays which you can request online.

So why not pop in and take a look, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

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