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Exotic Pet Holiday Service

Predators Exotic Pet Holiday Service is a premier service focused on pet care while you're on holiday. We care for Pets as if they are ours.

Our most popular service in the region for exotic pet owners, we offer full peace of mind when board your animal with us while you are on holiday.

What do you need to bring? Just bring your exotic pet.

Our Exotic Pet Holiday Service includes the following as standard
An exclusive vivarium (Not Shared)
Appropriate heating specific to your exotic pet
Appropriate lighting specific to your exotic pet
Appropriate dietary requirements and supplements

We genuinely look after your exotic pet as we do our own animals in our store. We take great care and pride in doing what we do.

To avoid disappointment we advise you to book early for peak times. 

Exotic Pet Incubation

    We offer an incubation service for reptile eggs & you can either pay a small fee for the incubation servce or we buy the hatched animals.
Please bear in mind many eggs may not hatch for various reasons and here are just a few: 
    Eggs are infertile
    Incorrect handling of eggs
    Time between laying and incubation is too long
Please call or visit us prior to moving the eggs so we can advise you on the best approach to delivering the eggs to Predators.
We are unable to guarantee successful hatching of the eggs and eggs are left with us on a trust basis.

Exotic Pet Talks and Presentations

Predator Exotic Pet Presentations are a great way for children and adults to learn about reptiles & amphibians in fun and inclusive way. 

We present to Schools, Libraries, Colleges, Museums, Fund Raisers and much more and we'll bring anywhere between 4 to 8 different species of exotic reptiles and amphibians.
The animals are always presented in a safe and fun manner which will be explained at the beginning of the show. Educational hand-outs are available on request and the key to our success is learning about:

    Reptile Habitat
    Predator Instincts - Living in the wild
    Predator Care - Owning Exotic Pets
    Predator Rewards - What Exotic Pets give back

All ages are welcome and encouraged to learn more about these wonderful animals.
For more information, please complete our Contact Form or call to discuss your presentation requirements and how we present the talk.